Secret Shop℠ By PracticeBeacon

Your Growth Starts Now

Secret Shop℠ by PracticeBeacon is a key part of our business development consulting service that provides a report so that you can gauge your front desk’s follow-up process and see where improvements need to be made to turn prospects into patients and create the best experience for new patient opportunities.

As part of our consultive approach to help orthodontists develop their practices, this service helps you determine how many prospects are slipping through the cracks in your office due to slow response times and lack of persistence. This is exclusively for orthodontists and dentists.

According to research, slower response rates may be causing your business to lose millions of dollars per year.

Simply fill out the form & sign up for our Secret Shop℠ analysis and we will complete our process and deliver a report for you to know if your team is set up to win or if new processes need to be implemented to convert new business.